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Season 5 Episode 14

Another week has passed, and another episode of my favorite show has aired. This episode was full of Leonard and Penny unsuccessfully trying to make a romantic relationship work…sigh. Luckily, Sheldon and Rajesh were there to keep the show the comedic work of art I have come to love. The show opens with Sheldon and Amy making a web based show about flags (It had me laughing my ass off). That reminds me, I learned the word vexillology, which is the scholarly study of flags.

I like the relationship formed in this episode between Rajesh and the Siri application on his new iPhone. It was funny to me, because I have an iPhone, and I find myself having conversations with Siri like it’s a real person all the time.  If you’ve never used the application before the show can make it a little misleading. I want to first say that I love my 4s and would never give it up, but the Siri application is nowhere near as responsive as the show portrays. Half the time Siri will just do a web search as opposed to actually answer the question.


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