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Big Bang Theory props

So I wanted to use this post to talk about where, and how much some of my favorite things that have appeared on the show are.

Jenga Donkey Kong

I’ve always loved Jenga, and this Donkey kong theme only makes it more fun. It can be found at Amazon, for $18.71. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoyed the original Jenga.

You’re Going To Regret This’ – Princess Leia Vs. Jabba the Hutt Dioram

This next piece appeared in Stuart’s comic book shop. It’s a beauty, but at the steep price of $175.98, I would hope so. Keep in mind though the detail that went in to creating this. If I ever have this much money burning a hole in my pocket, I’m sure I’ll pick one of these up.

Sword of Jon snow

What fan boy hasn’t wanted to start their own fantasy sword collection? If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones this may were you want to start it. The sword can be found on several websites, but my personal preference is to use Amazon. I have held the sword before, and my opinion was that it felt as heavy as a real sword, and went beyond just being your run of the mill replica.

Bottle city of kandor

This replica appears on the show several times. It can be found in Leonard’s room. For any superman fans out there, this would look great resting on your computer desk. Unfortunately I could only find this on one website,  hillcity-comics, and it is currently sold out. If you do a little more research you may get lucky and find yourself a copy of this fictional city.

Batman cookie jar

So I could not find this cookie jar for sale any where but thought it was worth putting on this post. There are rumors that while it’s sold out on most websites, you can still find the occasional one on eBay. So if you’re persistent I’m sure you can get your hands on one, and feel free to send me one! lol

X-Wing ; Defend and Protect poster

I originally thought this was going to be one of the cheaper props I had my eye on, but I couldn’t be any more wrong. This is a limited edition Giclee print.I found it on for $474.99. It’s a great looking print, but I’m going to have to pass and stick to the more affordable prints that I have come accustomed to over the years.

Periodic table shower curtain

Before this show, I had never seen a shower curtain as cool as this one. I found it on Amazon for $41.99. The one I looked up isn’t exactly the same as on the show, but unless someone is standing there with a picture I’d guess that they’d never know the difference.

Green Lantern ; Lantern

I found a lantern that is different then the one in the show, but a lot more affordable. I found it on Amazon for $65.00. It comes with a stand and a fully functional lantern and ring. It’s a fourth of the size, but I assure you it’s not a fourth of the fun.


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